How do I submit to this fabulous show?

Mail or Hand-deliver to: Dimensions Gallery, 412 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA 31401.

Electronically. Send forms and digital images (300 dpi) to stitchspectacular@yahoo.com. Pay via paypal at http://www.dimensionsartgallery.com. Click on the “Upcoming Exhibitions” link and find Stitch Spectacular.

What should I include in my submission?

Please include your entry form, 300 dpi images (2 for each submission- full image, detail) and $20 entry fee.

What if I used to live in Savannah, am I still a Savannah stitcher?

If you lived in Savannah anytime after 2004, you are eligible to be juried in the Savannah category.

What if I don’t live in the United States, can I still enter?

Yes, definitely!

Is machine embroidery acceptable?

Machine embroidery is okay, but the dominant feature of the piece must be hand embroidery.

Is beaded embroidery acceptable?


What about quilting, appliqué, paint, dye, beads, etc?

If the main focus of the piece is hand embroidery, you can even have macaroni spray painted gold if you want!

Does my piece have to be flat?

Nope. Anything goes.

Can one piece have multiple parts?

Yes. Not everything fits nicely in a frame, and some work has lots of pieces. If you have special instructions for display, please make sure to include DETAILED installation directions.

When will I find out if my work was accepted into the show?

Our amazing jurors will have the month of November to do their work and the results will be given to the artists by the beginning of December. That will give everyone a month to (finish) send their work to Dimensions gallery for the show at the beginning o’ January.

If my work is accepted in the show should I come to Savannah for the Opening?

YES!! There will be a big celebration on January 9, 2008, and you should be there!!!

If my piece is sold while in the show, what is the breakdown of the sale?

Artist 45%

Gallery 35%

Union Mission 10%

Show expenses 20%

Does the work have to be for sale?

We hope your work is for sale but it is not necessary for entry.

How do I send in my entry form if I am submitting my entry electronically?

It’s a little tricky. You can 1) scan an entry form that you have filled out including your very important signature or you can 2) type all the information in a Word Document. If you type it out yourself please make sure you include ALL the information, including the fine print and a typed signature. Don’t skimp.


Do you have a question we didn’t answer? Ask away….


10 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. Hi, I’d really like to enter an original embroidery I made but it’s on a pillow case where I have also sewn a bunch of other things which are no original. If I got through, how much notice would I get? – would I have time to re-stitch it onto a fresh cloth?
    Many thanks, I’ve just discovered this website and the featured work is really exciting!


  2. Thanks Roz for your interest! I added your question to the FAQ’s above. Great question! You will have the month of December to finalize your work.

  3. One of my pieces has eight small pieces that hang on a wall separately. They are pieces of a whole. Is this acceptable as one entry? Will I have to send instructions on how to hang?

  4. Hi Julia. Yes, even though your piece has many parts it would still be considered one piece. If you have special instructions for installation, then by all means, please explain. Or, better yet, if you work is in the show you could come to Savannah for the weekend and direct the installation!

  5. Are conceptual works favored over formal or decorative works?

  6. Thanks Michelle. The jury will be the decision maker for your question. Keep in mind that the “Stitch Spectacular recognizes the exploration of new frontiers in creative hand embroidery.”

  7. Hi!

    Do the pieces have to be for sale (it has bearing on what I end up submitting to this and another show)?

  8. Do the entered works need to be for sale?
    Thanks – I love what you’re doing!!!

  9. Sorry to ask the “dumb question” but — how do I submit the PDF entry form online? It doesn’t appear to be an editable PDF form. Do you assume we will assume that it must be printed out, filled out, and then scanned and sent to you along with the JPG images?

  10. To answer Brenda and Laura: we hope your work is for sale but it is not necessary for entry.

    To answer Mark: Very good question. It’s a little tricky. You can 1) do as you describe and send in a scanned entry form or you can 2) type all the information in a Word Document. If you type it out yourself please make sure you include ALL the information, don’t skimp.


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