Ya I want the Cheezy Poufs!

New! Samples!

sampler sample

No, really, this is a sample of a sampler. I am guessing it represents about 40 hours of my time, blissfully spent listening to chic indie rock outside, smelling jasmine on my back deck.  This is hard work, on 25 count linen it means every square inch represents 1,250 actual stitches. By this math, the above sample is 3,024 stitches. When I drink water, it spurts out my fingertips like I am a sprinkler.

The actual piece will be larger and take forever to complete. It is from this photo, which I took at a big membership store two years ago and have been trying to make art from since. I think it is hilarious. My goal is to complete the piece (I am guessing it will take a few months) without a cheeseball passing my lips. The color is quite seductive.

Timing being everything, this article by Rob Walker appeared in yesterday’s New York Times magazine. I usually read it online on sundays, but I was so focused on finishing my sample I didn’t get to read it until today. It’s like a dairy fairy sprinkled cheesedust and made the whole world a bit more naturally cheese flavored (with artificial flavors).


~ by rubi on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ya I want the Cheezy Poufs!”

  1. i’m not sure how I found your site, but i love it! and i must sympathize/empathize/throw down props to another insane stitcher: I’ve been working on a piece FOREVER that is an exact replica, appx 6″ x 6″, of a text message on my old phone, pixel-by-pixel. I’m using fabric that is probably the next size up from yours… and the image of your fingertips as sprinklers is totally hilarious, and totally imaginable…keep up the excellent work!

  2. Rubi, I really like your cheese balls, I think you’ve really captured their essence in your stitches.

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