Diem Chau


Diem Chau’s work is fascinating to me as I ask myself, “How’d she do that?” How does one embroider on or apply embroidery to a glazed ceramic plate or cup? The answer to that question might be easier to answer if I could see these beautiful pieces in person. But alas, the images hide the secret.


I find this work very interesting as she deals with the ideas of the story and how people are connected- both issues I am looking at in my own embroidery work.



~ by karinrebekah on April 1, 2009.

One Response to “Diem Chau”

  1. if you look really closely, especially at the teacup, you can see that the embroidery is on really thin gauze pulled over the china. 🙂 they’re magical though, aren’t they?

    love the blog! will follow, definitely.

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