Needlepoint Inc.

Needlepoint ≠ Embroidery

Go into any needlepoint store or talk to any needlepointer anywhere and they will reinforce that notion.  Screw ’em, I say, some of my best threads have come from needlepoint stores.

I have spent a fair chunk of time in South Florida, and there is no shortage of amazing needlepoint shops down there.

Recently in San Fransisco I made several trips to Needlepoint Inc. I was on a search for great threads and they provided. The shop is mostly full of painted canvases waiting to be stitched into dog collars or flip flop designs, but there are walls of stitchy fun.


Wall of silk floss.


This floss is sumptuous, beautiful and amazing. I want to kiss it, I want to marry it;I want to stitch with it all the time. Alas, it is silk, and I am on a cotton  budget.

Needlepoint Inc. actually inspired me to take on a needlepoint project. In the vein of not doing anything halfway, it will be 800 square inches of needlepoint bliss. I have never needlepointed before.   Unfortunately,  as I said before, I do not have a budget for 800 square inches of silk.

I will, however, be able to splurge for a little bit of Rainbow Gallery fun. This is one of the 4 RG walls at Needlepoint Inc.


If you are planning a trip to SFO anytime soon, make Needlepoint Inc part of your tour.


~ by rubi on February 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Needlepoint Inc.”

  1. I’m going to SF in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to visit Needlepoint Inc. It’s really centrally located, too, at Union Sq, unlike some of the other great craft stores in the Bay Area.

  2. Hi Rubi, just found your blog, gonna have a fun look around. This floss wall is causing me to feel naughty things~lol! Thx for the eye candy, have a great weekend.

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