Thank You!

Again, a big thank you to everyone involved in the Stitch Spectacular!

Our lovely jurors:

Grace Bonney

Kate Bingaman- Burt

Torrey Stiffel- Kist

All the artists:

Emily Barletta

Carolyn Begley

Jenna Bigott

Mary T. Buchanan

Sara Bumgardner

Leigh Cooper

Whitney Dail

Laura Davis

Becky Dryden

Kristie Duncan

Patrizia Ferriera

Veronica Fuentes

Jamie Galloway

Brenda Gerritsma

Kendall Glover

Andrea Gray

Candace Hicks

Katie Latona

Cherisse Jensen

Abby Johnson

Anna Keck

Lucia Lavilla-Havelin

Sam MacKenzie

Allison Manch

Joetta Maue

Michela Maxwell

Elizabeth Mott

Kristy Roberts

Jessica Rodgers

Katya Usvitsky

Audrey Wagner

Julia Wilson

Images from the closing reception:


Jessica Rodgers and Becky Dryden performing their piece.



Yay!! Hooray for Stitch Spectacular!!


~ by karinrebekah on February 6, 2009.

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