Mary T. Buchanan

Mary T. Buchanan

Richmond, VA

Caregiver Kantha

This piece began from a series of small drawings that were my first attempt to work a visual narrative. Each drawing tells a short story about my life today. Wagons, rattles, spoons and medicine bottles are seamlessly integrated into days marked not so much by the calendar or the clock but by these objects and a stream of care giving. Making this work gave me the opportunity to step briefly out of my life and document this passing period.

The textile piece in this show is a testimonial of my parenting.  The time consuming, labor intensive nature of this project is an attempt to express the depth of investment that is made when raising children. The Kantha tradition felt like a natural choice for this project. The parallel rows of running stitch create a rippling contour that is said to represent the waters of life. Kanthas are symbolic clothes given as a gift to mark a lifetime occasion.


Caregiver Kantha

18″ x 13″




~ by karinrebekah on February 4, 2009.

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