Elizabeth Mott

Jurors Choice Award

Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott


Sheryl And The Dog
The Big Fat Cow

My background is in photography, but I create various works on paper, including photographs, collages, and drawings.  Lately, any of these works have been receiving the embroidered treatment.  I especially like working with papers that have been found or rescued from garage sales, thrift stores, estates of the deceased, or otherwise abandoned.  I’m fascinated by the things people keep and get rid of and why.  Any object with handwriting is really interesting to me, and lends itself nicely to embroidering.  When my fingers are stitching over some stranger’s handwriting, I feel like I’m connecting with that person in a collaborative art project that they never even knew they began with me.

Elizabeth Mott



~ by rubi on January 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth Mott”

  1. are these stitched on paper or are you transferring the image to fabric? great extension of the previous work.

  2. This is frickin cool. I love the paper staining on Sheryl and the dog.

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