Katie Latona

Katie Latona

Katie Latona

Katie Latona

Champaign, IL

“Martin Luther King, Jr.  April 4, 1968”
This work is part of a series based on people’s last words.  What can these words possibly reveal about their speakers?  What will we choose to say when our words cannot be redeemed?  How do we relate the life that came before this moment to the great unknowable that lies ahead?

Katie Latona

Katie Latona

“Untitled (Better Man)”
This work is from a series of hand-sewn movie quotes on pillowcases, which are meant to isolate and examine ideas of romance that come from popular culture.  How does what we absorb through these movies inform our own choices and expectations?  There is a simultaneous push and pull involved: we desire the revelation, the big epiphanous moment, and yet we know that what happens in real life is never as perfectly articulated as a scriptwriter has us imagine, and our actions lack the tidy climax of the romantic comedy.


~ by rubi on January 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Katie Latona”

  1. congratulations, kate on your wonderful work in this exhibit…its beautiful…

  2. Hi Katie,
    Your work is wonderfully intellectual and addictive…
    I almost have the catalogue of works for Hollingsworth Gallery completed. I need a current bio/statement from you. I have lost files of a couple of artists work..and their e-mails. I hope this finds you…
    Gena Brodie Robbins

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