Veronica Fuentes

by Veronica Fuentes

by Veronica Fuentes

Veronica Fuentes

New York City, NY

Tiger lily
For the past few years I’ve been developing an interest in nature, children stories, the fantastical and the surreal. I feel that in childhood we welcome ideas that are whimsical and fantastical. Exploring them is a way of rediscovering that childhood world that vanishes through the years and introduce to it the complexities of adulthood. In my work, I explore a whimsical vegetated world where plant-like creatures sprout an array of human emotions. In this whimsical vegetated world, emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and lust are part of the physical and
subconscious make-up of the vegetated inhabitants.

As the artist trying to breath life into the work, I have become a researcher, like a biologist, cataloging the inhabitants, their characteristics and habitat of the wondrous vegetated world. To capture the many details of these curious creatures and their surroundings I draw them with needle and thread on fabric. I use a very colorful but soft palette to contrast the aggressive emotions that the vegetated inhabitants experience. My decision to work on a small scale is to offer a more intimate experience, much like the experience of one being engaged in the pages of a fairy tale.

Also by working with needle and thread I am able to experience the intimacy that a medium like embroidery offers and through this medium immerse myself in the exploration.


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