I Hate Thimbles

I think I have tried every kind of thimble out there, and none seem to work for me. I am certain it has to do with technique issues, but mostly, I hate being so far away from what I am stitching. I have also tried band-aids and electrical tape, with a limited degree of success.

I recently stumbled upon a package of Moleskin, purchased on account of some poor footwear choices in NYC. Moleskin–not the great notebooks, but the fuzzy synthetic material with adhesive backing that you use as blister protection– is my new BFF.

fingers with moleskin

I simply cut a few ovals the basic size of my fingers and stick them on. It is important that they are not too big, or some edges might catch the thread. Mostly, they have adhered pretty well.  I had a problem once, where I had too much coffee and my hands were super sweaty and my dots kept sliding off. Other than that, I cannot recommend this enough. You can find moleskin in the foot product section of your local pharmacy or department store.

Do you like thimbles? Do you use them?  Do you have something that works for you?

When I am done, I save them in a page in my sketchbook.

thimble fingers


~ by rubi on December 17, 2008.

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