What do you do?

I spent a lovely afternoon in Forsyth Park today for the chili bowl. Unfortunatly, there was no vegetarian chili, so I stuffed my gob with cheese and bread.  When I finished, I turned my chair to face the sun and picked up my stitching. I have whiled away many hours in the park like that: throngs of Savannians around me drinking beer and wine out of plastic cups while I pull my needle in and out.

At home, I am likely to sit in front of my computer listening to podcasts or catching up on the Daily Show. On special occasions, and when the work is simple enough, I might cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie–although some days my eyes won’t allow the transition between TV and close work. I like to have a small project in my bag, if I have to wait for something or happen upon a nice spot in a coffee shop or a warm bench.

I am curious how and where other people stitch. Do you sit in front of the TV? Talk on the phone? Listen to music? What kind of music? Watch movies? What movies?


~ by rubi on December 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “What do you do?”

  1. One of my favorite things about embroidery is that I can do it anywhere, especially since I rarely use a hoop. I watch movies while I’m working all the time. Usually stuff I’ve seen before and don’t mind having on for background, so I don’t have to pay terribly close attention. At night I sometimes work in bed and listen to music. When I’ve got a project I can take with me, I always do, because I can almost always squeeze in a few minutes of work at some point in the day.

    You can run into trouble that way, though. Back when I lived in NY I used to embroider on the subway during my morning commute. One day while I was split-stitching an outline, and older Russian woman sitting next to me insisted that what I was really trying to do was a chain stitch. So she grabbed my work, and in an attempt to show me the stitch tangled my floss. I spent the rest of the commute trying to fix the mess.

  2. ahhh as the reader above did- I do alot of stitching in the subway and in front of the tv at night with my kitties and hubby, the park, the coffee shop, anywhere and everywhere.
    I love how one can be somewhat mindless and embroider the easy stuff anywhere but that in the studio I can discover, ponder, and really explore my process. 2 very different and very wonderful experiences of making.

  3. For me, mostly in front of the TV these days, since I work from home. It has to be either a documentary or something I’ve watched before though, like a favourite movie or a show I’ve watched lots of times, that way I can just listen, and watch the show inside my head.

    I used to do it while driving, but that was in the city, where I could stitch while stopped in traffic or at a light. I kept a small project in a bag by the door to grab on my way out. Up here in northern Alberta, you’re out of town in about two minutes and the highways suck. I can’t even sew seams on things in the car anymore.

    My favourite, though, was in class at university. Freaked out some of my teachers until they realized I actually WAS paying attention and taking notes too.

    Strangely, no one batted an eye over it when I went back to school for textile arts. In fact, half the class ended up crocheting or knitting while the teachers talked by the end of the first year. 🙂

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