Welcome Back

Thank you to everyone who entered. We were utterly blown away by the work that was sent to us. Our jurors were blown away as well and told us they had a difficult time. We have tabulated the results and are so excited for what a great show we will have. If you sent us work, you should be hearing from us by tonight or tomorrow morning about the status of your submission.

We’ve been on a short hiatus, something to do with finals and getting all of our images ready for our jurors. Thank you for being so patient and coming back to visit.  You will notice we have a new format and will be posting regularly again with all sorts of new and fun information for you.

Come back and visit!


~ by rubi on December 4, 2008.

One Response to “Welcome Back”

  1. Hi!
    I found your blog several months ago and was absolutely shocked to see my work included among the talented fiber artists highlighted there. I truly thought about entering the exhibition; I meant to do it! Yet I didn’t fill out the forms and burn a CD before going to Maine where I spent six weeks at an artist residency program at the MacNamara Foundation. The time there was unbelievably wonderful but the computer situation was….well…dial up. Entering became impossible. I didn’t return home until just after your deadline. So…I didn’t enter. Maybe next time!

    I did want to write to you, however, since we are located within easy driving distance. I’d love to meet both of you, share some time with stitches, and see the exhibit. January is definitely going to be a busy time for all of us. I’m actually mounting an exhibition here in Columbia….January 8 – 20 at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. It is called CYBER FYBER (http://cyberfyberexhibition.blogspot.com). Please do check it out and consider a time (after January 20 but before the close of your show) when I can come to Savannah and meet you both.

    Thanks so very much for highlighting my work on your blog! I’m looking forward to the possibility of meeting you both!
    Susan Lenz

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