Lou Trigg: is she or isn’t she?

Lou Trigg has just finished her MA in Sequential Art from Brighton University, and is heading straight into her PhD. These images are from her show–they are stitched sequential art images from her work called “The Invisible Woman.”

Lou sent us an email and asked if her work would be considered hand embroidery, even though she uses a machine to draw with. Well readers, what do you think? Please weigh in in the comments section…

Well, what sayst thou?


~ by rubi on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lou Trigg: is she or isn’t she?”

  1. Absolutely. I think the machine is an extension of the hand in this case, it is used as a tool.

    Free drawing but using the machine to guide force, direction, establish angles – it’s all imagination and painstaking work!

  2. I would consider it “free-motion machine embroidery.” “Free-motion” meaning that the fabric is being hand-guided through the machine by the artist, rather than having a pre-programmed design executed automatically by the machine.
    Hand embroidery would be doing the stitching with a needle and thread by hand, unaided by a machine.
    One should not be considered better than the other, by the way. Each of those methods requires a very different set of skills, and both require a fair amount of time to master, and result in very different effects.

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